Online / Offline Tenant Police Intimation and Verification

We have come across with several questions in this regard. So, this section will help you to understand the process.

Recently eRegistartion portal introduced a mandatory part to fill the tenant intimation part along with the leave and license document however this is mandatory for Pune district only. When we will do your data entry it shows us a pop up that “Your Data of Leave and License will be shared with city police for tenant Verification, No need to go police station for Tenant verification”. However, we have observed that some time the available police station list is not applicable for some location, in that case we use nearest police station. Please note that this is just intimation document there will be no police station’s official stamp or sign will not be available in that police intimation document.

So if your property jurisdiction is in Pune you will get a Police intimation copy generated through eRegistartion portal. Please note this is just the intimation copy so you should call it as police intimation not as police verification.

It has been also observed that as this is recently introduced by Maharashtra govt., so some agency/originations/housing society accept the traditional police verification document only which has the police station sign/ stamp.

To obtain an offline police verification there are two options –

Option 1 – Online Tenant Information

You need to visit below website based on your property location-

For Mumbai and for Rest of Maharashtra

Step 1 –  Create Citizen Login then login with your credentials.

Step 2 – Fill the required details and upload documents.

Step 3 – Take a printout of the filled police intimation form.

Step 4 – Visit the opted police station with required documents.

Option 2 – Offline Tenant Information

Step 1 – Download the form.

Step 2 – Fill up the form.

Step 3 – Visit the opted police station with required documents.

Required Documents for offline police verification:

Owner – Aadhar, PAN, Passport size Photo.

Tenant – Aadhar, Employee ID Card, Passport size photo.

Agent (if any) – Aadhar, Passport size photo.

Things to remember before you visit a police station –

  1. Choose the police station which comes under that property jurisdiction, do not select police station based on less distance.
  2. Always do police verification for all tenant/s (Licensee).
  3. Prepare two set of documents, one set they will keep, and another set you will get with the stamp and sign.
  4. Use recent photographs.
  5. Photocopy of all documents should be clearly visible.
  6. It is advisable that to go police station with current dated registered rent agreement.
  7. Do a photocopy of that verification and keep that copy with both tenant/s as well as owner.