While our brand name is punerentagreement.in and is operated by Elegalis Legal Services, our services extend beyond Pune. We offer Registered Rent Agreement services for properties throughout Maharashtra, with biometric services available across India and abroad.


Residential Sample Agreement

This is a sample residential agreement, providing a template for creating a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant for residential property.

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Commercial Sample

This is a sample commercial agreement, acting as a template for establishing a legally binding contract between parties involved in commercial or business transactions.

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POA (Power of Attorney) Declaration

When a party executes a document through a power of attorney holder, this declaration must be completed and attached along with the Power of Attorney copy.

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Authorized Signatory (Company)

When a Company/Firm authorizes someone to act on its behalf, this form must be completed based on the actuals. It should be printed on the company/firm letterhead and signed and stamped.

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Offline Police Verification

Download the form, fill it out, and then visit the selected police station with the required documents for tenant police verification.

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Rent Receipt

This rent receipt can be used for the tenant’s HRA claim and other purposes. It is a valid record of rent payment.

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